Chad Boyers 


Barbara K. Ballard discovered her vocation as an arbitrator after graduating from law school, when she found a lot of litigation to be unnecessary. Ms Ballard feels that fair resolutions are more preferred to round after round of court battle,  uses her extensive mediation skills in the commercial and real estate mediation.

Patrick Miller joined the team of ContractArbitration(tm) in early 2013 and appreciates the fact that would-be litigants are not 0nly interested in a resolution, but would prefer it to be economic and prompt. He guided many clients through the arbitration process efficiently with previous employers and has shown the same stuff for our team.

William Oliver  thinks of arbitration as giving back to the community by helping others with his knowledge and strong grasp of the facts. He knows that no two cases are the same, and that the clients’ demands for full service resolution should never be ignored. Past clients have commended him on his impartiality and professional disposition. 

Pamela Lyons has set it has her chief professional duty to make sure that both parties in a dispute leave with confidence that the right decision has been made. She has used a facilitative model in her status as arbitrator in over 500 cases. She thinks of the outcome of her duties as, in her words, “civilized in a way that litigation often is not.”

Jeffrey Powell has witnessed the cynicism that many people entering into arbitration have for the process. “They think it’s going to be a waste of time,” he says. “But when you know how to really drill down on a case and get to the core of the  dispute, you can see how their attitude changes.” Mr Powell was a practicing real estate attorney before entering the arbitration field in 2000.